To submit an IHP for inclusion on this page:  IHP Submission Form

TSNO: Individualized Healthcare Plans


Meaningful IHPs



NASN Radio:  A Quick Checklist for Creating an Individualized Healthcare Plan


IHP Templates:  

Below you will find various IHP templates for your use.  Click on the IHP thumbnail.  It will open to a fillable PDF.  You have two choices — 1) print the IHP without completing the form online.  You can then add information by hand.  Or, 2) fill out the PDF and then download it to your computer and/or print the completed form.  NO INFORMATION ENTERED CAN OR WILL BE MAINTAINED BY SCHOOLNURSING101.COM.  If you complete the form and fail to save or print it, all entered information will be gone once you close the page.


BY ACCESSING THE FOLLOWING FORMS, you acknowledge the provided IHPs are templates and are in need of review and further individualization based on your student’s needs.  A separate Nursing Diagnosis/Intervention/Expected Outcome document is provided for that use.  

Diabetes IHP (Author:  South Buffalo Charter School) —

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