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Photos, Diagrams:

Most photos, diagrams, and charts are linked to a webpage.  Click on one to visit the site.


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  • Gray bar at top of PDF contains all controls

  • NOTE:  when scrolling DIRECTLY on the PDF, the pages (if more than one page) of the PDF will scroll; if you want to scroll down the webpage, place your cursor on either side of the main content and then scroll

  • PLEASE be considerate of the environment – download and electronically share files with others. Please only print when absolutely necessary. 



Due to the size of this site, you are advised to enter in a search word(s) to locate all areas your topic is addressed on the site.  The SEARCH box is located on the left side of all pages at the top of the menu bar.


  Scroll Up Button

Many of the webpages within School Nursing 101 are LONG! After scrolling down beyond the landing portion of the page, a small up-arrow icon appears at the bottom, right of your screen.  Clicking on this arrow will take you right back to the top of the page without you having to scroll.



This page is located at the bottom of the navigation menu (just below Contact Us!).  This page displays a list of all webpages within in alpha order by 1) main topic, 2) secondary topic, etc.  When you click on a page, it will take you directly to that page.


Can I make a suggestion or recommendation?

Please do! It has been more than two years since I started creating, and I realize it will need to be continually updated to stay current on topics we often encounter in the clinic.  I often feel I’ve become too close to the site to recognize an error or omission.  If you have authored something you would like to have included in the site, please use the Contact Us! Page.  If you know of a great webpage/site you would like to be included in, please use the same Contact Us! to submit the information.


Can you create additional pages?

Yes, I anticipate that will continually be the case. For example, Mental Health is now just a “catch all” for this topic.  As recommendations come in and my research finds new links and documents that would be helpful, I will create a specific page for a particular topic.  Considering the diversification of our students, families, and staff, I don’t consider to be complete now or anytime for that matter.  There are no limitations on information needed by school nurses.


Wait a minute, I see something familiar!

I have gone to great lengths to find authors on some of the items you will see on, but I haven’t been able to find rightful authors of every document. If you are the original author, please use Contact Us! and send me the document title and location with your name, credentials/title, and city so I can give credit where credit is due.  I am more than happy to identify the author of great work!  The vast majority of photos contain an embedded link — click on it and it’ll take you to the website.


I keep clicking on a link, and it’s not what it should be – what now?

I would be greatly appreciative it if you would use the Contact Us! form to alert me of any bad links. Just note the link’s name and what webpage it is on.  I vow to take a section of the site each day to make sure the links remain current.