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CDC: Childhood and Adult Immunization Schedules

CDC: Vaccinate Your Preteen This Summer

NASN: School-located Vaccination

AAP Immunizations Vaccines for Children Program

NASN: Immunizations


CDC: Recommended Schedules

Recommended Vaccines for Ages 19 years and Older

Protect Your Child at Every Age Package Inserts and FDA Product Approvals

CDC: Six Things You Need to Know about Vaccines

WHO Recommendations for Routine Immunization

NASN: Stats for Vax Challenge (Middle/High School Nurses)

Immunization Action Coalition: Immunization Handouts

CDC: HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention for Boys, Too!

MedlinePlus:  Vaccine Safety VIDEOS

What is a Vaccine? TUTORIALS

NASN Radio: Informing Parents and Teens about Meningitis Prevention PDFs

Vaccines from Birth to 6 years old

Vaccines from 7 -18 years of age


Growing Up with Vaccines



Foreign Language Terms (for Foreign Immunization Records)



Guide to Contraindications and Precautions to Commonly Used Vaccines




Diseases and Vaccines

WHO Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020

CDC: How I Recommend HPV Vaccinations

ASHA: Communicating the Benefits of HPV Immunization Vaccine Myths Debunked

CDC: Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunizations

Vaccinate Your Family PDFs

Photo Collection of Vaccine Preventable Diseases


6 Reasons to get HPV Vaccine for Your Child



Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination




Questions and Answers

Influenza Vaccine – Live VIS

Influenza Vaccine – Inactivated VIS PDFs

Influenza Vaccination of People with a History Egg Allergy

Keep Your Kids Safe — Get Them Vaccinated Every Fall or Winter


Influenza is a serious disease… Make sure your child is protected!



Vaccine Administration

Vaccine Package Inserts

CDC: Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

Vaccine Information Sheets

Vaccine Reactions (Medical Management)

Contraindications PDFs

Vaccines with Diluents


Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit



Temperature Log for Refrigerator – Fahrenheit




Immunizations Apps

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