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AAAAI: Anaphylaxis

FARE: Anaphylaxis

FAACT: Anaphylaxis

FARE:  Navigating School Trips with Allergies

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis in Children and Teens

Life-Threatening Allergies & Auvi-Q

Know the FAACTS:  School Field Trips TUTORIALS/WEBINARS

AANMAorg: Anaphylaxis for the Infant: Special Considerations for this Growing Population

AllergySafeKids: School Staff Module

NASN: Clinical Conversations for Food Allergy Management in the School Setting VIDEOS

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Awareness

Anaphylaxis and Allergies 101

Anaphylaxis PDFs

Anaphylaxis = Killer

What You Should Know About Anaphylaxis

NASN: Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan

Give & Go

Anaphylactic Shock

Understanding Anaphylaxis

What You Should Know About Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis Education:  Know Your Role and Responsibilities as a School Nurse

Understanding Anaphylaxis

Allergic Reaction Paradigm

Food Allergy Action Plan

Signs of an Allergic Reaction

Cross Reactive Foods

Six That Save Lives


Epi Storage Tips at Home and On the Go

EpiPen for Healthcare Providers

Auvi-Q Epinephrine Pens with Voice Instructions

Impax: Epinephrine Autoinjector

AUVI-Q Instructions for Use

Epinephrine Autoinjector Instructions for Use

How to Use an Epipen

How to Use an Api-Pen on Someone Else VIDEOS

Everything You Wanted to Know About Epinephrine

Epinephrine Treatments 9.2019

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors – You Need 2

Epi-Pen:  Instructions for Use

Epi PensEpi Pen DiagramsEpi Pen Demo


“Q Your School” Product Donation Grant Program TUTORIALS

NASN Radio: Changing Policy and Protocols for Giving Epinephrine Safely at Schools

NASN: School Epinephrine Policies — Implementing New Resources VIDEOS

Stocking Epinephrine in Schools




Adrenaclick Generic

TEVA Epinephrine

CVS EpiPen Alternative

Epinephrine Coupons, Rebates and Discounts (Allergy Asthma Network)

Photo of Auvi-Q epinephrine injectorsAUVI-Q®

Photo of Epinephrine auto-injector generic of AdreneclickEpinephrine Injection, USP autoinjector

Photo of Epipen auto-injector

EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr®

  • Manufacturer: Mylan
  • Details: Eligible patients may receive up to $300 off per 2-Pak® carton, up to a maximum of three (3) EpiPen 2-Pak® cartons per prescription.Photo of Generic Mylan epinephrine injectors
  • Mylan also offers a generic version of EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® and as a savings card that may give up to $25 in savings for each two-pack refill.
  • To learn more contact:
  • Phone Number: 800-796-9526

Photo of Generic epinephrine injectors made by TEVAGeneric EpiPen®

  • Manufacturer: TEVA Pharmaceuticals
  • Details: Eligible patients may receive up to $30 per two-pack carton, for a maximum of 3 cartons.
  • To learn more contact:
  • Phone Number: 800-422-5604

Photo of symjepi epinephrine injectorsSYMJEPI™

  • Manufacturer: Adamis Pharmaceuticals
  • Details: Eligible patients may pay as little as $0. Patients without insurance may receive up to $100 off each prescription of SYMJEPI™
  • To learn more contact:
  • Phone Number: 877-318-9526
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