The information contained in and offered by this website is done so for educational and informational purposes only.  It is designed and created to offer additional and supplementary information beyond what school nurses currently have readily available.  The intent is to provide an abundance of detailed information about diseases, medications, the administration of medications, and the care and approaches that are most acceptable for injuries or health conditions.  To emphasize, this is not a treatment manual.

The content of the site is in no way to be substituted for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek and follow the advice of a qualified physician or medical professional regarding medical conditions.  Nurses using this site are encouraged not to delay seeking additional professional medical attention if there is any question regarding the condition of the student or how to best address any medical concerns.  Medical emergencies should be handled immediately by calling 911 or the phone number serving your local emergency response service.

This information does not recommend or provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment but does enhance a school nurse’s knowledge of options that can be considered, utilized and/or discussed with parents, staff members, and other medical personnel.  The links, graphics, and other images are offered by the respective companies and agencies that developed these materials who must stand by their own claims of research credibility and authenticity.

Some people may find some of the images (rashes, etc.) on this site offensive.  An entire document should be reviewed and your audience considered before sharing it.

SchoolNursing101.com will attempt to keep the site current with new information and links that can and will assist school nurses with updated information.  Users should check often to see if new updates have been added to the site.  Medicine is constantly evolving and persons using this site should not consider the information definitive or current but should use the Site as a resource to expand their knowledge of nursing and caring for children in a school setting.  Reliance of any information, including links, from this website is solely at the user’s own risk.

We hope and feel confident that this extraordinary amount of information will be of assistance to thousands of school nurses throughout the United States and hope that it will be often used.

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