It is estimated that one in four students in United States schools may have a chronic health condition.  Approximately 6% of those students have multiple chronic conditions leading to challenges with treatment adherence, disease acceptance, lifestyle modification, care coordination, increased exposure to chronic condition risk factors, and difficulties transitioning to adult healthcare settings.  Children with chronic conditions are at risk for high absentee rates, low student engagement, dropping-out of school, exposure to bullying, disruptive behaviors, poor grades, and below-average performance on standardized achievement tests.  (NASN)


CDC: Managing Chronic Health Conditions in Schools

Collaboration to Support Students with Chronic Health Conditions
Collaboration to Support Students with Chronic Health Conditions Chronic Health Conditions Managing your Child’s Chronic Disease – Make Your School Your Ally Managing chronic diseases at school Helping Children Cope with Chronic Illness Caring for depression in children with chronic disease When Your Child is Diagnosed with Chronic Illness Child’s Illness at School


Managing Chronic Health Conditions in Schools:  The Role of the School Nurse



Chronic Health Conditions in School Settings



School Nurse Chat Tool



Chronic Health Conditions and Academic Achievement:  Research Brief




CDC: School Health Services

WISHeS:  The Care of the Student with Special Healthcare Needs

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