CHOC:  Self-Injury in Kids and Teens  Self-Harm Crisis Text Line  Cutting and Self-Harm  How Can I Stop Cutting?  Understanding Self-Injury   Understanding and Responding to Students Who Self-Mutilate  What to Do When a Student Self-Harms



Talking to students about self-harm



Self-Injury and Recovery – Distraction Techniques and Alternative Coping Strategies



SOS Middle School Program:  Self-Injury Packet



Self-Injury and Recovery:  Information for parents




USDOE:  Supporting and Protecting the Rights of Students at Risk of Self-Harm in the Era of COVID-19




Suicide and Self-Harm:  A Prevention & Response Toolkit for Educators


 TUTORIALS/WEBINARS  Self-Harm and Risky Behaviour


Understanding and responding to self-injury

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