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Durango charter school does nasal swabs every day 4.21.21 

Local school district offers COVID-19 vaccine to students 16 and older 4.16.21

School nurses are crucial this year. So why aren’t they in every school? 4.15.21

Hiawatha school board votes to end mask mandate 4.13.21

Hays USD 489 to ease some mask restrictions as of April 26 4.13.21

Salado ISD first Bell County school district to vaccinate students 4.12.21

Oft-forgotten frontline workers, school nurses rise during pandemic 4.11.21

Parents sue Katy ISD for keeping mask mandate, after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted statewide requirement 4.2.21

School nurses go above the call of duty 4.2.21

With Texas Classrooms Reopening and No State Mask Mandate, School Nurses Have Become  

Crucial in Battling Pandemic – But Districts Aren’t Required to Have Them 3.27.21


School Nurses in the Chathams Are Frontline Heroes for their Kids 3.25.21

Williams gives staff shot in the arm 3.21.21

This school for students with autism stayed open during pandemic and had no COVID cases 3.21.21

How one Midway principal keeps his school safe from COVID-19 during in-person schooling 3.20.21

School nurses have become crucial in battling the pandemic, but Texas doesn’t require districts to have them 3.18.21

COVID-19 pandemic changes the role of school nurses in Georgia 3.16.21

Pandemic pushes school nurses to phone duty 3.15.21

School nurses in Las Vegas get $10,000 bonuses to handle COVID-19 duties 3.13.21

‘Different ballgame’: School nurses take critical role fighting COVID  3.7.21


Sick Myrtle Beach student held in school storage closet; HCS points to ‘Re-Opening Plan’

CCSD staff tabbed to run school sickrooms say they lack proper gear 2.23.21

What to know about the MCPS reopening plan 2.23.21

Nashoba Tech’s ‘tag team’ of nurses say the job has changed 2.22.21

Still no response from school district, family claims discrimination and fighting for change 2.22.21

School districts look for ways to fulfill COVID-19 requirements 2.21.21

HUSFELT: Halving the 6-foot quarantine rule for COVID-19 contacts in class 2.21.21

School nurse says collaboration between schools and medical community has been a positive during pandemic 2.19.21

School Nurses Challenged to Track COVID vs. Non-COVID Absences 2.17.21

Lynchburg opens mass vaccination site for essential workers 2.15.21

Private school nurse describes ‘intensity’ of doing weekly COVID tests for students, staff 2.15.21

Shortage means millions of kids have no access to a school nurse during COVID-19 crisis 2.12.21 

Hometown Hero: School nurse keeps children safe during a pandemic 2.12.21

Troy School Nurses Indispensable During Pandemic 2.11.21

These people have been essential in making school in the Milwaukee area suburbs possible  2.10.21

DCSS starts health surveys to keep kids in school 2.9.21

School nurses busy with coronavirus testing, contact tracing 2.8.21

Rockport students to receive weekly state-issued COVID-19 tests starting Tuesday 2.8.21

Pueblo school nurses see their jobs accelerate amid COVID-19 pandemic 2.8.21

Coronavirus testing planned for Ayer/Shirley schools 2.7.21

Golden Ring Middle School nurse featured in Maryland webinar on successful teleworking [VIDEO] 2.6.21

School nurses keeping staff, students safe during the pandemic 2.6.21

School nurses shine during the pandemic 2.5.21

Pittsburgh area school district offered COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible staffers 2.5.21

Gainesville school system hosts vaccination clinic for 65+, eligible staff 2.4.21

School nurses take on larger role in pandemic 2.1.21

Lee Co. nursing coordinator:  ‘The one thing this pandemic has brought to light is the need for school nurses’ 2.2.21

This is How COVID Has Changed My Job as a School Nurse 1.29.21

OKCPS offering recruitment bonus for new school nurses amid COVID-19 pandemic 1.27.21

Strengthen school nursing to support COVID-19 recovery and resilience 1.27.21

School nurses at Spruce schools keeping students, staff safe during pandemic 1.27.21

Salt Lake district will hire ‘COVID techs’ to help with contact tracing 1.25.21

Pandemic expands role of school nurses 1.24.21

School nurses on frontline in COVID-19 pandemic 1.23.21

Sylvania Schools to start voluntary on-site COVID-19 testing in schools for students and staff 1.22.21

Christina school nurses to get extra pay for contact tracing 1.22.21

From distributing meals to distributing vaccines, school nurses work to be ‘part of the solution’ 1.22.21

School nurse shortage closes Amity Middle School in Bethany for 2 days 1.21.21

Anthony ISD leader says school nurse has ‘become the most important person during this pandemic’ 1.21.21

Benton schools launch electronic COVID-19 screening form to better detect cases 1.20.21

Rapid COVID-19 tests arrive in Chester County School District, providing 15-minute results 1.19.21

Silver Creek prepares for COVID zones 1.18.21

Chalk Talk: School nurses — the first line of defense against COVID 1.17.21

School nurses on the front lines of fighting COVID-19 and keeping schools open 1.17.21

Chesterfield unveils timeline for ‘monumental effort’ to vaccinate teachers, staffers  1.16.21

School nurses help in bid to vaccinate Camden teachers; VVS, Westmoreland eye extending …  1.15.21

Schools seeking help for nurses: Extenders would help track and process COVID-19 cases  1.13.21

School nurses to help administer vaccines 1.12.21

Photo: Lewiston school district offers drive-thru testing for staff  1.12.21

Hickory Public Schools may add school nurse  1.11.21

Job of school nurses changed drastically in pandemic  1.11.21

School nurses work to keep staff and students safe as COVID cases rise  1.6.21

Good news in the district  1.5.21

School nurses are being utilized now more than ever in the education system amid pandemic  1.5.21

Educator of the Month: Roe serves as USD 489 COVID Commander 1.2.21

North Texans are difference makers in midst of pandemic 1.1.21

2020: A year of local news coverage 12.31.21

Here’s how Mesquite ISD is tracking student COVID-19 cases over the winter break 12.29.20

RI overturns suspension of students who went to school while dad awaited COVID test result 12.29.20

Time magazine features Philly school nurse 12.28.20

It’s not boo-boos and Band-Aids’: COVID-19 thrust school nurses onto the front line 12.4.20

Health aides help fill school nurse shortage, test for COVID-19  12.4.20

UPDATE: Hamilton County school officials provide details on accuracy of pilot program rapid test  12.4.20

School nurse asks for understanding amid pandemic  12.3.20

One School Nurse’s Perspective On The Pandemic: ‘It’s Been A Roller Coaster’  12.2.20

Supporting our children’s needs 12.2.20

Hamilton County Schools To Pilot New Rapid Test For COVID-19  12.2.20

Georgetown County School District rejects COVID test kits  12.2.20

Some MetroWest towns turn to rapid testing to limit the spread of COVID-19  12.2.20

Schools begin COVID-19 rapid testing of students, staff  12.1.20

Rapid City school board approves overtime for nurses, stipends for staff  11.30.20

Rapid COVID testing being piloted in area schools  11.30.20

DHEC to give out COVID-19 test kits to school districts this week; some still working out details  11.30.20

School nurses: A tough job made tougher by COVID-19  11.28.20

Nurses play vital, and very different, role amid COVID-19 in keeping kids in school  11.28.20

Pandemic puts school nurses on battle lines  11.28.20

McMaster’s surprise announcement of COVID testing in schools was weeks in the making 11.28.20

Face masks in class: Parents tell of ‘distress’ and communication difficulties for children  11.26.20

Rapid COVID-19 testing for SC schools ordered by governor  11.25.20

What role will schools play in COVID-19 vaccine distribution? 11.25.20

Increasing value of a school nurse amid a pandemic, may make a case for more funding 11.25.20

As Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Crisis Deepens, School Nurses Step Up 11.24.20

School districts receive new guidance on COVID-19 tests 11.24.20

COVID-19 changes the work of Havre school nurse 11.23.20

SC schools brainstorm ideas to get COVID-19 testing on campuses 11.23.20

Not Just Sore Throats and Scraped Knees:  School Nurses Play Pivotal Role in Containing COVID-19 in Colorado 11.22.20

Our View: A new role for the school nurse 11.20.20

Schools Face Asthma and Food Allergy Challenges During Pandemic 11.18.20

‘Every day we come in here and face whatever is thrown at us’ 11.18.20

Dakota Valley School District offering rapid COVID-19 testing for staff and students 11.17.20

School nurses navigate response to COVID-19 on top of normal student caseload 11.16.20

School nurses are on New York’s COVID-19 frontlines. Here’s what it’s like. 11.16.20

DC school nurses protest at mayor’s home 11.15.20 

COVID TESTS AT SCHOOL: Palm Beach County To Offer Some Testing To Some Students 11.13.20

Nurses, superintendent get authority to send sick students home from school 11.13.20

Feeling sick? Things to consider before sending your child to school if they’re sick 11.12.20

St. John-Hudson offers COVID-19 school testing pilot project 11.12.20

*Video* Pentucket NursesShare COVID-19 Guidance for the Holidays 11.12.20

OPINION: I’m a School Nurse in New York, and I’m Worried 11.12.20

Meade School District won’t use rapid COVID tests 11.12.20

School nurses send letters to Boise School Board urging return to virtual learning 11.12.20

School-Based Telehealth Program Expands Access To Virtual Care 11.11.20

School nurse shares experience with COVID-19 11.11.20

A Nurse in every New Haven School Building as Frontline Against COVID 11.11.20

Nurses administering COVID tests at school, working with families 11.11.20

Life as a school nurse: ‘You never know what’s going to come in the door next’ 11.11.20

COVID-19 Quick turnaround for mobile testing in Oregon schools 11.10.20

Crush the Curve Idaho works with 20 Idaho school districts, provides testing materials 11.10.20

Ken-Ton School District Addresses Yellow Zone Plans 11.10.20

School districts in Yellow Zone preparing to COVID test students, staff 11.10.20

I’m a school nurse in NYC. Here’s what worries me as winter approaches. 11.10.20

Maine school nurse describes challenges of being on front line of COVID-19 11.9.20

Nurses in each school not a feasible approach to COVID-19 11.8.20

School nurses face hard decisions this year with students 11.6.20

With COVID cases rising, woman wants more done for students and staff 11.6.20 

What it’s like to be a school nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic 11.6.20

School nurses work to keep students healthy, safe 11.5.20

SCHOOL PATROL: Local school nurses prepare for more changes during winter season 11.5.20

‘Should these kids all be going home?’: School nurses face hard decisions this year 11.5.20

School Nurses, On Front Lines of Pandemic, Are Helping Students Stay Well, Even Virtually 11.4.20

Emmett School District nurses trained to administer COVID tests 11.4.20

Watauga School Nurses at the Center of WCS COVID-19 Precautions. 11.3.20

Schools have ‘super low’ tolerance for symptoms 11.3.20

“They’re not following the guidelines, by any means.” Former Seminole County School nurse speaks out after dismissal 11.2.20

‘We’re on the right path’: Local school district adjusts to school nurse shortage 11.2.20

LI School Nurse Shares Her Experience With Coronavirus 10.30.20

Essential work: Nurse Becky keeps Mary Hogan running 10.29.20

School nurses prep for return to in-person learning 10.22.20

ACSD nurses are answering the call 10.22.20

Abilene ISD nurse, Texas Tech nursing student honored for saving young student’s life 10.22.20

Danville offering app for parents, school nurses to screen students 10.14.20

A look into the life of a school nurse during the pandemic 10.14.20

School nurses provide frontline defense in detecting COVID-19 symptoms 10.8.20

School Nurses Take On A New Role As They Juggle COVID Symptoms and Other Illnesses 10.8.20

Now Taking the Stage in the Pandemic:  The School Nurse 10.5.20

With nationwide shortage, CT school nurses seen as critical to combating COVID 10.4.20

California One of Few States Without Top School Nurse During Pandemic 10.1.20

Texas Already Had a School Nursing Problem. Then Came the Pandemic. 9.23.20

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, School Nurses Are On The Front Lines of Reopening Schools Safely 9.16.20

School Nurses Prepare for Return of In-Person Education 9.10.20

I’m a New Jersey school nurse. ‘Fingers crossed’ is not an acceptable reopening strategy. 8.26.20

School Nurses as the New Front Line in the Struggle to Contain COVID 8.16.20

School Nurses Throughout US, Including Texas, Describe Challenges Expected Due To COVID-19 8.8.20

The New COVID-19 First Responders? School Nurses | Opinion 8.7.20


Examining the Definition of a School Nurse 6.4.21

Column: School nurses have a big job, with an oversized workload 6.3.21

School Nurses Have a Big Job – Is 1 for Every 750 Kids Really Enough? 6.2.21

New club at Frederica Academy promotes mental, physical health 6.1.21

Beyond Ice Packs, School Nurses Provide Vital Care to Rural and Impoverished Communities 5.29.21

FOCUS: High schools to begin mental health education amid rise in suicides 5.26.21

South Jersey 9-year-old thanks school nurse for saving her life 5.21.21

‘So grateful:’ Teen’s life saved by quick-acting Park Ridge school nurse and gym teacher 5.20.21

Helena school nurse bringing positivity to work with healthy habit challenges 5.14.21

Senate passes bill to provide medical assistance to children having seizures 5.10.21 

MORE THAN TYLENOL, BAND-AIDS:  School nurses provide variety of services to students, staff 5.6.21

Nurses provide medical, mental resources for students during school day 5.4.21

Shenandoah Lions clubs partner with state diabetes e-learning program 4.22.21

More than band-aids and temperature checks: School nurses become crucial during the pandemic 4.21.21

Scottish county seeking to triple number of ‘modern’ school nurses 4.21.21

HPV Vaccination Rates Continue to Climb Among Young Adults in US 4.27.21

A Novel ocular alignment measurement app for screening strabismus 4.18.21

‘The boy who lived’:  Carroll County Public Schools recognizes SRO, nurse who helped save Century High student’s life 4.15.21

Students push for Madison School District to put free period products in all middle, high school bathrooms 4.16.21

Montclair High students:  We need easier access to tampons 4.7.21

Bill allows schools to get drugs that reverse opioid overdoses  4.5.21

Food for Kidz drive at Baraboo High School on for May 4.5.21

‘Joey’s Law’ Aims To Save Kids Who Have Seizures At School 4.1.21

Agape provides free feminine hygiene products 4.1.21

Rockingham County school nurse creates Blessing Box to collect donations 3.30.21

Nurses in all UK schools ‘would help child mental health toll’ 3.20.21

‘The response has been absolutely remarkable.’ Clothing Exchange helps JoCo families 3.16.21

House unanimously passes bill requiring schools to provide feminine hygiene products 3.18.21

alley Road School nurse helps stomp out pediatric cancer 3.16.21

Goodman Elementary helps kids get dental work 3.4.21

‘I think that everybody is getting tired’: Pandemic taxing Fall River’s school nurses 3.1.21

‘Text-a-nurse’ service launched for young people in Northern Ireland 2.25.21

Two MISD nurses teaming up to create hygiene bags for their students 2.25.21

Lakeville school district settles with family of brain-injured girl 2.24.21

Cambridge Schools, Muskingum Valley join forces to provide health care to students 2.21.21

South High School gives out smoke detectors, batteries through partnership with the Minneapolis FD 2.23.21

Legislators hear testimony on proposals to eliminate religious vaccine exemption 2.16.21

Woodland students practicing heart-healthy activities 2.5.21

Why school nurses are vital to ending the school-to-prison pipeline 2.5.21

More than 100 SC school nurses using smart thermometers to track fevers, potential outbreaks 1.18.21

Kids mostly turn to school nurses for support, THL survey finds 1.18.21

Drool for school: Colorado schools add saliva testing to slow spread of coronavirus in the classroom 1.18.21

Study finds school districts short of nurses  2.11.21

ACS head nurse gives tips for healthy 2nd semester  1.25.21

WATCH NOW: BCPS nurses help administer vaccines to at-risk residents  1.19.21

How This School Nurse Handles Work During COVID-19  1.18.21

39000 Denver students attend schools that lack adequate mental health staff, study finds  1.16.21

‘Team effort’ saves life of teacher who collapsed in class  1.15.21

In Their Own Words: Resources Needed by School Nurses to Facilitate Student Immunization …  1.12.21

Lancaster school nurse making house calls, online visits with students  1.10.21

Help a Hackensack School Nurse Provide Thermometers for Her Students  1/10/21

New mural at Clay Elementary meant to bring smiles  1.9.21

Newton High School Nurse Named Educational Services Professional of the Year for 2021  1.9.21

Anchorage school nurses deployed at what unexpectedly became the city’s first large-scale …  1.7.21

Glassboro elementary school names Educator of the Year awardees  1.7.21

School nurses key to reopening schools, but new research shows equity gaps in Washington 1.5.21

Stone County school nurse helps save teacher’s life  1.4.21

Nurse assists at scene of school bus crash with students on board in Green Township 1.4.21

Difference Maker:  Nurse Donna Cherishes Bonds with Students, Families 11.23.20

Health screenings routine for CCISD 11.21.20

Hunger means school kids suffering headaches, stomach cramps, nurse says 11.19.20

Trigg nurses enhance students’ educational experience 11.11.20

A healthy win: Central Catholic recognized with award for staff wellness efforts  11.8.20

School nurses work to keep students healthy, safe 11.5.20

Collinsville school nurse promoting healthy living in districts across Oklahoma 10.29.20

Essential work: Nurse Becky keeps Mary Hogan running 10.29.20

Sand Springs teachers selected to be part of OSDB great project 10.28.20

5 Questions with Susy Marcum, Unit 5 school nurse and Illinois School Nurse of the Year 10.25.20

Abilene ISD nurse, Texas Tech nursing student honored for saving young student’s life 10.22.20

Great catch:  School nurse’s suspicions help save student’s life 10.8.20

Kingsport school nurse saves student’s life after student collapses from diabetic seizure 10.6 20

School Nurses Share Their Voices, Trauma, and Solutions by Sounding the Alarm on Gun Violence 11.22.19

The Impact of Gun Violence Across Three Generations 10.21.19

What would MLK say about all the shootings, gun violence? Ask a school nurse. 6.2.19

Ensuring a successful school year for children with diabetes 10.13.18

School nurses provide care, education for students 11.7.18

School nurse and principal go above and beyond to help student suffering medical condition 11.5.18

Parents question nurse’s treatment of student with diabetes 11.5.18

School Nurses:  The first line of treatment for mental health 10.23.18

School nurses offer solace, support to students figuring out gender issues 9.27.18

Teens are Anxious and Depressed, and Turning to the School Nurse for Help 8.23.18

Nurses Share the Real Back-to-School Health Concerns 8.17.18

Colorado School Nurses Can Give Medical Marijuana to Students 6.7.18

School Nurse Saves Life of Campus Visitor 6.2018

As insurance costs soar, more parents rely on school nurses for children’s health care 4.18.18

School nurse saves student after “freak accident” 4.4.18

When the Nurse’s Office is a Refuge 11.30.17

A Day In the Life of a School Nurse 5.12.17

Back to School:  What a School Nurse Does 5.10.17


Blessing Health System’s school-based telehealth program is a hit 6.1.21

MHS Partners with SchoolCare to Coordinate Care for Underserved Students in K-12 School 5.17.21

School Turns to Technology to Help Manage Nursing Office on Campus 5.7.21

“A huge, huge, huge help:” Children’s Hospital program for kids with severe asthma expands beyond Denver-area schools 5.2.21

Virtual medical option for Sioux Center 4.30.21

Central Texas school district offers virtual doctor’s visits for students 4.28.21

Transformation Waco students get option for doctor’s visits from school nurse’s office 4.24.21

Virtual Health Pilot Program Expands for Salado ISD Students and Families 4.20.21

‘CARE Mobile’ travels across Ozarks to provide pediatric care to kids and schools 3.29.21


York schools debut telehealth services for students and staff 3.1.21 

School district kicks off Telemedicine service for students and staff 2.15.21

Online school nurse available to assess children – here’s how to book an appointment 1.24.21

Pawhuska Family Medical begins new outreach to schools 1.24.21

Telehealth addition makes Texas school nurses’ offices look a lot different 1.24.21

Mississippi launches telehealth, teletherapy pilot in schools as ‘a way to keep kids learning’ 12.29.20

Telehealth pilot program coming to some Calaveras County schools 11.25.20 

School-Based Telehealth Program Expands Access To Virtual Care 11.11.20

McLeod Health expanding their telehealth services to Florence School District 2 11.9.20

Missouri School District to Receive Telemedicine Technology 10.8.20

Newton County school districts to be outfitted with telemedicine in partnership with Freeman 10.7.20


Period Poverty from essay to law 6.8.21

Creating a guide for managing bladder and bowel conditions in schools 6.7.21

Governor signs Seizure Safe Schools Act 5.27.21

Charity launches book of stories about school nursing written by nurses 5.26.2021

Legislation would provide grants for schools to hire more nurses 5.18.21

How Three Manual High Students Made Health Care At Their School A Lot More Equitable 5.18.21

Montana welcomes Nurse Act to help school nurse shortage 5.17.21

School nurse group hopes Missouri districts will put federal aid toward hiring nurses 4.12.21

Missouri bill would lower school immunization requirements 4.5.21


Lacey Spring Elementary School creates Blessing Box 3.25.21

Redbank parents call for nursing subs 3.3.21

Design team creates new normal for school nurses 3.3.21

Redbank parents call for nursing subs 3.3.21

Design team creates new normal for school nurses 3.3.21

Measles resurgence?  School nurse worries missing vaccinations could lead to next pandemic 3.3.2021

Nationwide school nurse shortage highlights need in Southern Oregon 2.17.21

How many school nurses are there in Idaho? 2.16.21

Are there enough school nurses? 2.16.21

Mendham Borough Staff, Students Show Love For School Nurse 2.16.21

Oregon’s massive school nurse shortage put in spotlight by COVID 2.5.21

Teachers group urging governor to add funding for more school nurses amid COVID-19 pandemic 1.29.21

Oak Harbor schools levy would continue funding for nurses 1.29.21

Frederica Academy nurse, athletic trainer play vital roles in keeping campus healthy 1.29.21

School districts could soon be getting grant funds to hire school nurses if Senate Bill 2235 passes 1.28.21

2 South Shore educators save the lives of choking students in separate incidents 1.26.21

Bibb County school nursing program gets grant for medical supplies, manuals 1.26.21

Superior School Board approves pay increase for school nurses 1.14.21

Family of 8-yo CPS student who died by suicide wins key court battle 1.28.21

McMaster proposes $500m executive budget, pushes for nurses and officers in every school  1.8.21

Governor Henry McMaster announces 2021-2022 Executive Budget 1.8.21

Wayne Education Association Helping Local Families in Need  1.8.21

Armorel school nurse terminated after ADH expresses concern over competency  1.4.21

State Lawmakers to Consider School Nurses Definition Later this Month 1.2.21

Where’s the Nurse? Bill Would Change How Virginia Schools Provide Healthcare 1.2.21

Educators of the Year announced 1.1.21

MDMH donates $30,000 to school nursing programs in the Bitterroot Valley 1.1.21

Local school district recognized for breastfeeding friendly workplace 12.30.20

School Nurses: Care, Compassion, Contact Tracing 12.30.20

How K-12 schools are handling the school nurse shortage 12.12.19

School Nurses Share Their Voices, Trauma, and Solutions by Sounding the Alarm on Gun Violence 11.22.19

LS parents can opt into sharing health data between Lancaster General, school nurse 11.17.20

School-based health centers fill rural provider vacuum 11.17.20

Ever wish you knew how many students at your child’s school had the flu or strep throat? Now, you can find out. 11.6.20

‘We’re on the right path’: Local school district adjusts to school nurse shortage 11.2.20

Girl Scout Builds 50 Emergency Supply Kits for Pasadena School 10.31.20

School nurse with six decades of service plans to go on helping youngsters 10.28.20

5 Questions with Susy Marcum, Unit 5 school nurse and Illinois School Nurse of the Year 10.25.20

ACSD nurses are answering the call 10.22.20

Thousands of Boston public school students cut off from dental care 10.18.20

The Impact of Gun Violence Across Three Generations 10.21.19

What would MLK say about all the shootings, gun violence? Ask a school nurse. 6.2.19

Nationwide shortage of school nurses called a “crisis” that may be putting kids’ lives at risk 4.11.19

Why the battle to bring back school nurses is such a big deal for health and academics 2.15.19

Facing shortages, Oakland school nurses concerned about meeting student health needs 12.10.18

Mom has to stay at school with kindergartner because CPS hasn’t provided nurse 10.12.18

Former school nurse accused of stealing, switching students’ medication at Georgia elementary school 8.2.18

Austin Board to Vote on Plan that Leaves Some Schools Without Nurses 6.18.18

Southwest passenger ‘did what any registered (retired school) nurse would do’ 4.18.18

As insurance costs soar, more parents rely on school nurses for children’s health care 4.18.18

Austin ISD Looking for New Partner to Run School Nurse Program 4.16.18

‘I Can’t Stop’: Schools Struggle With Vaping Explosion 4.2.18

Cuts end health department’s school nurse program 3.18.18

Georgia to ask feds for $49 million for school nurses 7.13.17

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