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CDC:  Extreme Heat and Your Health

CDC:  Protect Athletes from Heat-Related Illness

MedlinePlus:  Heat Emergencies

CDC:  Heat and Infants and Children  Heat

Univ of Conn KSI:  Heat SyncopeScreenshot 2016-08-01 18.22.57

Univ of Conn KSI:  Heat Exhaustion

Univ of Conn KSI:  Heat Cramps

Univ of Conn KSI:  Heat Stroke VIDEOS

Preventing Sudden Death in Sport

What Happens When You Get Heat Stroke?

7 Ways to Beat the Heat



Recognizing, Preventing and Treating Heat-Related IllnessRecognizing, Preventing, and Treating Heat-Related Illness PDFs

Youth Sports Safety Alliance

CDC:  Football Poster

CDC:  Water Bottle Label



Heatstroke or Stroke?



Parents’ and Coaches’ Guide to Dehydration and Other Heat Illnesses in Children




Heat-Related Illness



It’s Hot Outside – Stay Cool.  Stay Hydrated.  Stay Informed.



Avoid – Spot – Treat:  Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion


Signs and Symptoms:  Forms of Hyperthermia (heat stroke and exhaustion)



Heat Emergencies



Beat the Heat:  Extreme Heat



Heat-Related Deaths ARE Preventable – Look Before You Lock

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