Tools for School Nurses: Lice Lessons
Tools for School Nurses: Lice Lessons

CDC: Parasites – Lice

CDC: Head Lice Information for Schools

CDC: Head Lice FAQs

CDC: Head Lice Prevention & Control Head Lice Head Lice

Pest World for Kids: Lice Head Lice Head Lice Head Lice Management in the School Setting

NASN: Headfirst: Lice Lessons Lousology 101 Head Lice – What Parents Need to Know


NASN:  Head Lice 101 – An Overview for School Nurses VIDEOS

What do lice and nits look like in the hair?

What Lice and Their Eggs Look Like Getting Rid of Lice Safely How to Treat Lice Without Chemicals


FDA:  Treating Head Lice



Head Lice:  Identification



How Lice Turn Your Hair into Their Jungle Gym



AAD:  Head lice – How to Treat



Managing presumed head louse infestations in schools



FDA:  Treating Head Lice



Head Lice – Myths and Facts



Screenshot 2016-08-01 16.27.24Head Lice – Size correlation




The Lice Cycle of Head Lice




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