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CDC: Bacterial Meningitis

CDC: Meningococcal Disease

Merck Manual: Acute Bacterial Meningitis

MedlinePlus: Meningitis – meningococcal

Voices of Meningitis

Voices of Meningitis: Resources for School Nurses

Meningitis Research Foundation

NOVA: Killer Disease on Campus

CDC: Viral Meningitis

Merck Manual: Viral Meningitis

Meningitis Research Foundation: Viral Meningitis

Voices of Meningitis: Types of Meningitis

National Meningitis Association

NMA: Pledge 2 Prevent Toolkit

National Meningitis Association: Meningococcal Disease and Vaccination


Meningococcal Disease on U. S. College Campuses, 2013-2017 VIDEOS

Real Stories of Meningitis (several videos)





Two Most Common Symptoms

Know the Symptoms


Timeline:  Progression of Meningococcal Disease, Patients Ages 15-16 Years



Voices of Meningitis: Booster Vaccination


Meningitis:  Frequently Asked Questions


Meningococcal Disease:  Two Most Common Manifestations & Their Symptoms


Meningococcal:  Questions and Answers


VOM:  Make sure your teens get a second shot to help prevent meningitis


Letters for Home: General facts to help build awareness about meningococcal meningitis and how to prevent it


VOM:  Get the Facts


VOM:  Make sure your teens get a second shot to help prevent meningitis


Meningococcal Disease Can Be Life-Threatening


Symptoms Alert!  Meningitis and Septicemia Strike Fast


Meningitis and Septicemia:  Know the Symptoms


Meningitis Baby Watch

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